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Non-Residents in Spain

What´s a Notary in Spain?

An Notary in Spain, is (1 ) a public official, (2 ) Doctor or L.L B -Law Graduated-, especially qualified and selected by rigorous exams ruled by Goverment ( 3) to advise and to attest, under the laws, contracts and other extrajudicial acts.

A document made by an Spanish Notary -title deed-, have a triple law force:


  1. Enforceable at Court -cannot be discussed or denied-,

  2. Probative at Court -probe facts, date, identity...- and

  3. Legal presumption of legality -accomplish Spanish and European Law-.





What do they do?


The fields of action are:

  • Contracts

  • Wills and Inheritances

  • Mortgages and Loans

  • Companies

  • Real State





Watch this video (english subtitled) to learn more.

Do I need a Notary?

If you whish you can get a solicitor and pay for it if you feel better, or if Notary does not speak english -we do-. Nevertheless, even if you get a solicitor, all contracts must be signed before a Notary, because only documents drafted by a notary allow you to register your property, and only then, your contract will have real value against third parties in Spain (Tax Administration, Companies, Banks, and other).

A private contract has a little value in Spain, and usually it will bring you many problems. 95% of spaniards use Notary services as a priority choice.




How much will it cost me?


Notaries rates in Spain are regulated by Law. Here are some examples.:


Wills: from 40 €

Contracts, inheritance, donations: from 0.5% of its value, usually.


Here you can see the rules and notaries fees 




What about paying taxes, register properties, change Catastro?


Not all Notaries do these other works. We can help you because we have a department specialized in non-resident affairs.

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